South Dakota Freedom Caucus call for special session dealing with private property rights

RAPID CITY, S.D. (Press Release) – The South Dakota Freedom Caucus (SDFC) is urgently calling on Governor Kristi Noem to declare a “man-made emergency” and convene a special legislative session to address the escalating property rights crisis in South Dakota, fueled by foreign interests. With a march on the capitol scheduled for Thursday, July 6th, the SDFC demands immediate action to protect the rights of South Dakota landowners.

The Summit Carbon Solutions project, supported by a significant $300 million investment from TPG Rise Climate, including China-based Silk Road Fund as one of its anchor investors, is aggressively using eminent domain to seize land from hardworking South Dakota landowners. This intrusion on private property rights cannot be tolerated.

“Governor Noem, our land and property rights are under attack, and the time for action is now,” stated Representative Aaron Aylward, Chair of the South Dakota Freedom Caucus. “By declaring a ‘man-made emergency’ and convening a special legislative session, you can put an end to this assault on citizens’ rights.”

The South Dakota Freedom Caucus is calling on citizens to join them in a march on the capitol on Thursday, July 6th, from noon to 1 pm CST. This demonstration aims to raise awareness and demand immediate action from Governor Noem to protect South Dakota’s property rights.

“The involvement of foreign interests in this project adds another layer of concern,” emphasized Representative Tina Mulally, Treasurer of the South Dakota Freedom Caucus. “Governor Noem, stand with us in safeguarding the rights of citizens against this encroachment.”

To amplify their cause, the South Dakota Freedom Caucus has launched a petition, urging citizens to reject the pipeline’s use of eminent domain by signing and sharing it widely. Additionally, they urge individuals to contact the Public Utilities Commission and demand an immediate halt to this injustice.

“The voice of the people must be heard, and Governor Noem must respond,” asserted the Caucus. “Join us in the march on the capitol to protect our property rights from these foreign intruders.”