South Dakota legislators unable to override Governor Noem’s vetoes

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Monday was Veto Day at Pierre as legislators from both the South Dakota House & South Dakota Senate attempted to override four vetoes presented to them by Governor Kristi Noem.  In order to override a veto, the South Dakota House needs 47 votes and the Senate would need 24.

On the House side, legislator attempted to override HB1193 which dealt with modifying the UCC.

House Pro Temp Mike Stevens of Yankton explains his support of the bill dealing with internet banking.

Representative Julie Auch of Centerville talks about sustaining the Governor’s veto stating the legislature needs more time to understand what’s going on.

The South Dakota House voted 30-37 to override the veto. The veto was sustained.

The other House Bill was HB1209 which dealt with marijuana as industrial hemp.

Representative Oren Lesmeister of Parade explain that the .3% threshold for hemp would still be in place.

Representative Mary Fitzgerald of Spearfish explains that marijuana would be much higher than .3 closer to 5%.

The South Dakota House voted 32-35 to override the veto.  The veto was sustained.

On the Senate side, legislators dealt with SB108 which was “sip and spit” bill.

Senate Minority Leader Reynold Nesiba of Sioux Falls said that would be in a controlled environment at SDSU.

Senator Tim Reed of Brookings opposed the bill and compared it to what was passed back in 2020.

The South Dakota voted 5-30 to override the veto.  The veto was sustained.

The other bill Senate addressed was SB129 which would upgrade assaults on school employees from misdemeanors to felonies.

Senator Jim Stalzer of Sioux Falls spoke in favor.

Senator David Wheeler of Huron opposed it and said the bill went too far.

The South Dakota Senate voted 20-15 to override the veto.  The vote fell short of the 24 votes needed to override so it was sustained.