South Dakota performs well on franchise opportunites

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(KELO)- South Dakota scores well among franchising opportunities, thanks to its low tax rates.

The annual ALEC-Laffer “Rich States, Poor States” economic competitiveness index places South Dakota 14th in the nation.

Nick Powills, the publisher of “1851 Franchise”, is convinced based on the numbers  and on testimonials.

The idea of “finding your people” is backed up by Al Hanks, the Chief Operating Officer of Famous Daves.

So, what’s the “secret sauce” that creates franchise opportunities? Powills respond.

What that means is, it isn’t all about large population centers and “miracle miles”.

Powills says having the right owner/operator who cares about the community usually makes for success.

Powills says those franchisees have a lot at stake, and have often invested their life savings into the business and are determined to make it work.

A conservative organization of legislators from across the U-S ranks the state 14th in the nation for economic conditions and opportunities.

One well-known franchise operation that has had success in South Dakota for over 20 years is Famous Daves.

Chief Operating Officer Al Hanks says it’s more about the operator than large population centers and great locations.

The 1851 Franchise publication says national operations are looking more closely at opportunities in South Dakota.