South Dakota Republican favor tax cuts but not sure which ones at this time

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- It appears most South Dakota legislators are in favor of cutting taxes, the issue will be agreeing on which one.

There are bills filed to cut the sales tax on groceries, general sales taxes and to roll back propery tax assessments.

House Majority Leader Will Mortenson of Pierre says they are still considering their options.

Mortenson says the tax cuts will have to work if and when state revenues go down.

Senator Majority Leader Casey Crabtree of Madison says there is general consensus on cutting taxes.

The Governor has proposed cutting the four and a half percent tax on groceries while other proposals would cut the general sales tax or drop property tax assessments.

Crabtree says he is hearing about property taxes.

Crabtree says they have some work to do to convince conservative members on the tax cuts.

Legislators are back in Pierre for a four-day week.