South Dakota Retailers Association oppose repeal of grocery tax

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(KELO)- A new poll shows two-thirds of South Dakota voters support a repeal on the sales tax on food…but observers say that support is based on false information.

South Dakota Retailers Association Executive Director Nathan Sanderson says the repeal measure’s language goes much further than repealing the tax on groceries…and that spells trouble.

Sanderson says it would also repeal the sales tax on things like tobacco…and the impact to the budget would be much larger than advertised.

He says there will be a large public ad campaign to make voters aware of the impact.

Sanderson says that support is based on partial information, which he says is misleading.

Among other things, Sanderson says it would repeal the tax on tobacco.

Bottom line, Sanderson says the impact on the state budget would be much larger than advertised so far.