South Dakota Senate kills SB40

PIERRE, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The South Dakota Senate Tuesday didn’t approve the changes made by the House on SB40.  When SB40 passes the Senate on an 18-16 vote, the bill would allow the gubernatorial candidate to select his or her choice for Lt. Governor for the Primaries.  It would also place all the State Office positions on the ballot(i.e Secretary of State, SD Attorney General, etc.)

The South Dakota House amended the bill on House floor by eliminating the state office but allowed candidates for Governor to select their choices for Lt. Governor.

The bill returned to the Senate where the Prime Sponsor, Senator David Johnson of Rapid City put the motion in to not concur with the changes & not setup a committee with the House.

The Senate approved the motion on a 29-4 vote which effectively killed the bill.

The procedure will remain as it has been with the voters selecting their candidates for Governor & Precinct people selecting the rest of the ticket for the general election at the party’s convention.