South Dakota Senate to settle medical marijuana issue this week

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- Finding agreement on the rules for medical marijuana will be one of the tough issues South Dakota lawmakers will have to settle this week. A bill is being debated that would delay the implementation until January first.

Assistant Senate Majority Leader Mike Diedrich of Rapid City says they are looking for a balance.

Diedrich says legislators have to make sure the program runs safely.

Diedrich says there are strong views all around.

Senate Minority Leader Troy Heinert of Mission says details are lacking to help those with medical issues.

Heinert says the current proposal is unacceptable.

Democratic Representative Linda Duba of Sioux Falls says the two sides seem far apart.

The initiative, IM26 passed by voters last November called for the new law to be in place by July first. A bill is in play that would delay the implementation of the ballot driven issue until January first.