South Dakota Stockgrowers Association held a meeting Wednesday night in New Underwood

NEW UNDERWOOD, S.D.(KOTA)- Wednesday night in New Underwood, the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association held a meeting in the aftermath of a busy legislative session.

On the docket was everything from the state branding board to lobbying to the controversial proposed Meade County shooting range.

Matt Kammerer, SDSGA secretary treasurer and cattle producer in Meade County, took aim at the shooting range.

Kammerer said he thinks the SDSGA should begin teaching ranchers how to navigate the state capitol.

James Halverson, Executive Director for the SDSGA, said all it takes is “two or three cowboy hats” to make a difference during committee meetings in Pierre.

Kammerer said Stockgrowers who opposed the firing range have someone to thank though…

Ultimately the shooting range, a project supported by Governor Kristi Noem, failed to pass despite numerous attempts.