South Dakota Supreme Court to not rule on recreational marijuana until after July 1st

PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota Supreme Court is still weighing an appeal regarding Amendment A.

The Amendment would legalize marijuana for people age 21 and older. It was approved by voters in November. Under state law, ballot measures take effect July 1.

According to Greg Sattizahn, State Court Administrator, the appeal related to Amendment A is under active consideration by the Supreme Court.

He confirms a decision will not be issued before July 1.

Until the Court issues an opinion, the ruling of the circuit court declaring Amendment A unconstitutional remains in effect.

State Circuit Judge Christina Klinger declared in February that the election was invalid. The judge said Amendment A covered multiple subjects, violating the state constitution’s one-topic requirement.

The judge also said Amendment A was actually a constitutional revision that should have gone to a statewide constitutional convention and then to a special election.

In April, five justices listened to the sides argue whether the November 3 election result on Amendment A should count.