Speaker of the SD House Spencer Gosch address the summer study, abortion, & his campaign

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Speaker of the South Dakota House Spencer Gosch appeared on the KSDN Evening Report to address the Executive Board meeting that was held Monday.  Gosch also addressed the upcoming Supreme Court case that could overturn Roe v Wade & discussed his run for the Senate seat in District 23.

Gosch talked about some of the upcoming summer studies starting with juvenile justice.

Gosch talked about the issue of regional jails & correctional facilities.

Area legislators doing that summer study include Senators Bryan Breitling, Al Novstrup, Michael Rohl, & Representative Carl Perry.

Gosch discuss the legislative Task Force dealing with cost for the jails around the state.

The Dobbs case could overturn Roe vs Wade when ruled upon in the upcoming weeks.  If that occurs, Speaker Gosch talks about the South Dakota law regarding abortion that will go into effect.

If Roe vs Wade is overridden, Governor Noem will call for a special session.  Gosch addressed what that could be about.

Speaker Spencer Gosch will be running for the SD Senate seat in District 23 currently held by Bryan Breitling.  Gosch explains why he’s running for the Senate seat & not another term in the SD House.

Gosch explains how he distinguish himself from Senator Breitling.

Gosch also address his relationship with Governor Kristi Noem.

Gosch also address rural health issues especially with the nursing homes.

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