Special Legislative Session to meet Monday to determine the redistricting map

PIERRE, S.D.(WNAX)- South Dakota legislators meet in special session next week to decide on a final legislative redistricting map.

House and Senate Committees working on the process have each come up with their own versions and legislators will have to choose one or draw a compromise.

House Redistricting Committee member, Representative Ryan Cwach, says the disagreements have been among republicans.

Cwach, the only democrat on the committee, says all he can do is watch.

Cwach says there needs to be a different process.

House Majority Leader Kent Peterson of Salem says they have to find a compromise.

Peterson says a big issue is dividing rural and urban districts.

Peterson says each legislator is also looking at the possible changes to his own district.

If legislators can’t agree on a final map, the state Supreme Court will draw up the districts.