Spring flooding a concern for eastern South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO.com) — Eastern South Dakota is bracing for spring flooding, but it’s anybody’s guess how bad it will be.

The ground is hard because it’s been such a cold winter so that means the melting snow will run off instead of sinking into the ground, but much of the snow has been dry, so that means less actual water to flood roads and rivers. 

Hanson County Emergency Manager Kevin Kayser is prepping for spring as he does every year, building up a good supply of sandbags just in case. He remembers 2011 as the worst flooding he’s ever seen, especially along the James River.


He says it was like Hanson was its own little island with so much water around it.

Kayser says it could be just as bad this spring, but you just never know.

Flooding is just one of the downsides of spring. Kayser says maybe not so much warmth at once is the way to go.

“Yeah, I’d like to pace it a little.”