Brian Lundquist

Brian Lundquist

My radio career in radio started after two years of having a great time and really loving NSC now NSU. My Mom told me its time to move out of the “dorm life”, and find a career path. I mentioned radio one time and she enrolled me into broadcast school in Thief River Falls Minnesota.

Just before graduation (I did graduate) an opportunity to move to Brookings with KJJQ/KKQQ opened up, thus launched by radio career. Worked 45 days straight from 10pm to 6am. That was a test of is this what I want to do? A couple months later an opening was at KBTO in Bottineau ND. Daytime shift and 50 more dollars a month! After really being cold and wanting to get closer to Aberdeen another opportunity was available in Lisbon ND at KQLX AM and FM. After being at KQLX and now engaged to be married, my fiancé (now my wife) started her career in Aberdeen. Now I needed to get to Aberdeen! I made many calls to Aberdeen radio stations for any position, I finally received a call and went to work on KGIM-AM in 1990. After a short stint on the air the owner asked if I was wanting to get into sales. I really didn’t, until he told me just No weekends or holidays just before thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays. So my sales career started at KGIM-AM (known as the “KGIM 1420 Weather Station”)

After a couple of years the radio stations had ownership changes. These changes brought together KGIM-AM, , Z-97.7 and Pheasant Country 103.7, and KQKD-AM Redfield.

A couple years later another ownership change! In the fall of 98 I became the General Manager of these stations, and started operating KSDN-AM 930 , 94.1 The Rock, KGIM-1420, Pheasant Country 103.7, Point-FM 106.7, and Sunny 97.7.

Between 98 and 2014 we had two more ownership changes!!

In February 2014 I was lucky enough to purchase these stations with some local investors! Thus another ownership change!

I can honestly say the changes in ownership over the years have created great friendships to this day. I would not be able to have these radio stations without their knowledge and support over the years. More than being labeled past owners they are great friends!

What I have learned from them is its not the signals, the buildings, the technology. It’s the people that are running the technology and the people behind the mics.

We can all talk about being local but the reality is the product that you produce is local. We have been listening to the area and we produce local talent, local programs and local people. From NSU, Aberdeen Central, Aberdeen Roncalli, Wings hockey, and area games of the week! (16 area towns!) Local news, weather and community events.

Our main focus every day is local appeal.

I have been part of Aberdeen since 1985 and look forward to serving the area with radio, internet, text, Facebook, Twitter and whatever the latest technology digital era age takes us for many years to come.

I have been truly privileged to be I this business all my life and able to share many opportunities with my friends and radio family.

I am also blessed to have a great wife Melanie and two wonderful kids, Alli and Zach.

You can reach me at (605) 229-3632 or