Start of middle school in Brookings to be delayed by construction

BROOKINGS, S.D. (KJJQ) – The start date for classes at Mickelson Middle School in Brookings will be delayed to Sept. 4 with registration on Sept. 3. The plan is for Middle School teachers to get into their classrooms on August 30th.

Classes will start at the other schools on the 23rd as planned.

Construction work continues on the $25 million addition and renovation project at the middle school and it remains well behind schedule, largely due to the weather.

Middle School Principal Tim Steffenson says, he believes the 30th is too early to start classes.

The plan does not add extra days at the Middle School as they’ll attempt to make up the time in other ways.

As late as July 29, the contractor said they would have the first set of classrooms ready by Aug. 16. School Board Member Roger DeGroot addressed Eric Anderson with A-T-S-and-R, the firm overseeing the project.

Anderson apologized to the board.

The project contract had a completion date of Aug. 9. The school may seek damages against the contractor and the architect.