State digging out from latest snow storm

RAPID CITY, S.D. (DBE Radio Group) – Well, it’s calm and most places the snow has stopped. Eric Helgeson at the National Weather Service office Rapid City reviewed the storm which started Tuesday night and switched over to snow pretty quickly.

He said there are still awaiting totals for many places.

Weekend weather is still going to be below normal but temperatures are expected to be in the 40’s.

While the warmer weather is welcome, Helgeson said they are looking at the impacts of that. He said he expected there to be some low land flooding, but they’re aren’t sure yet if the severity will match Storm Ulmer.

AccuWeather estimates the cost of this storm nationwide to be $3 billion in damages and economic losses, in addition to the estimated $12.5 billion in total damages and economic loss resulting from the record-breaking flooding in the Midwest.