State of South Dakota now accepting applications for the housing infrastructure projects

MADISON, S.D.(KELO)- It’s been a long time coming, but a new housing infrastructure program is about to produce results.

The Legislature and Governor approved a $200-million dollar program early this year, hoping to have it up and running by spring.

It took longer than that because rules had to be written.

The first batch of applications will be considered within the next few weeks.

State Senate Majority Leader Casey Crabtree is pleased with the way it’s going.

The first application session will be closed a week from today.

Crabtree says more applications are expected in August and September.

The state’s new $200-million dollar housing infrastructure program and receiving applications.

Crabtree says the idea is to help developers build the infrastructure for housing.

The end result is more housing for the people needed in the workforce.

The first application session will close a week from today.