State Senator Michael Rohl look back at this year’s session

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The 99th South Dakota Legislature is in the books for 2024.  District 1 Senator Michael Rohl took time to look back on the session.

Senator Rohl reflect back on the session as a whole.

Senator Rohl had twelve bill he was a prime sponsor of in the Senate that was signed by the Governor this year.  He talks about how some of the bills came about.

One of the bills he sponsored was SB39 dealing with HOA’s handling of firearms.

Another bill dealt with landlords and tenants in regard to termination notices.

Senator Rohl also addressed some other bills that were addressed the legislature but not passed this year.  One was SB13 which was changed from allowing the candidate for Governor to choose his or her Lieutenant Governor.  The bill was amended to place that allow with Secretary of State & Attorney General to the vote of the people.  He was in support of that change and explained why.

That bill passed the Senate but was tabled at a House Committee.

One bill that was passed was SB201 which dealt with local control.  Senator Rohl was opposed to the bill.

Senator Rohl has signed the petition to place a referendum to repeal SB201.

Another bill(HB1244) that passed dealt with the opportunity for citizens to remove names from a petition.  An amendment was made at the Senate committee that Senator Rohl serves on.  He pushed for the change in that committee and explains why.

One issue that wasn’t address by the legislature is the issue of zebra mussel in the lakes across South Dakota.  Senator Rohl explains the vote wasn’t there this year.

Looking ahead, Senator Rohl is chair of the Tribal Relations Committee and previews what they will be doing.

Senator Rohl was asked to define being a Republican in South Dakota in 2024.

Senator Rohl for now is unopposed for District 1 Senate seat.