Student Success Fund helping needy children in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. ( — In its two years of helping needy children in Sioux Falls schools, the Student Success Fund has fulfilled some unusual and unexpected requests.

It’s no surprise that low-income children would need clothing, food, and school supplies, but what about alarm clocks?

Executive Director of the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation, Allison Struck says social workers were asking for the clocks because parents often left for work before the children had to get up for school.

“Attendance matters, so the alarm clocks are really important for our kids who are trying to do the right thing.”

Struck says the Student Success Fund has also provided washers and dryers for three elementary schools since some children were coming to class in dirty clothing.

“So that school staff could wash student clothing while they’re in the building and then give them their clothing back so they have something clean to wear.”

The Huether Family Foundation has donated at least $30,000 to the Student Success Fund since it was launched by the Education Foundation in 2018.

Struck says they have been able to help nearly 1,000 students since then. 

She hopes the success of the Success Fund in Sioux Falls will encourage groups in other school districts around the state to launch similar programs.