Study helping to eliminate pig farm odor

BROOKINGS, S.D. (WNAX) – A new environmental study from the National Pork Board shows that pig farms are generating less manure nutrient content associated with odor. Data was gathered from more than 106,000 samples at 182 North Carolina farms that showed significant reductions in ammonia levels and manure nutrient content. SDSU Extension Swine Specialist Dr. Bob (taller) Thaler says through research and production efficiencies they’ve been able to reduce odors.

He says it’s a system type approach that has led to those improvements reducing odors, improving feed efficiencies and increasing profitability for pork producers.

Thaler says the study also showed a reduction of 22 percent to 54 percent in ammonia levels.

Thaler says that not only does the study show the effectiveness of North Carolina’s pork producers in reducing odors but also for pork producers in South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.