Sturgis City Council address how to govern going forward

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – The Sturgis City Council met for their first June meeting Monday night, and continued discussion on a controversial Resolution that sparked heated debate at a special meeting last week.

Monday night’s meeting was much more civil, as the council first approved the repeal of the original Resolution; 2024-32. That resolution was to keep city government operating in the aftermath of an April vote that got rid of the city manager form of government. However, new council members did not like how the resolution set up the chain of command and felt it gave the mayor too much power.

A new resolution was introduced by City Attorney Mark Marshall that included, among other things, allowing for an ad hoc committee to investigate whether city government should look into a home rule charter type of government. However, city council members did not want to go down that road.

Council President Kevin Forester says discussion about a different form of government is not an answer.

Council Vice-President Ruth Kopp agrees, and says they should focus on Title 7.

After discussion, the council approved the new resolution, titled 2024-40, with the elimination of the home rule charter idea as well as the formation of a subcommittee to study it.