Sturgis City Council held work sessions

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – The Sturgis City Council held two work sessions ahead of their meeting last night to discuss two topics expected to be before them soon.

The topics were a proposed American Flat Track race the second weekend of the Rally and the possibility of moving the April municipal election to the primary election in June.

The work sessions were an opportunity for council members to receive background information, ask questions and allow for more informal discussion so they are able to make a more informed decision on the topic at a future meeting. No formal actions were taken.

The flat track proposal garnered a lot of discussion last night, both pro and con.

Councilor Kevin Forrester says logistics are among the biggest concerns.

Forrester says Public Works Director Rick Bush has also shared concerns about getting the track ready when their plate is already full.

The council also received concerns from some vendors and local businesses about the idea because they will likely be impacted by the race.

The race would partially occur on Main Street with a start/finish line on Harley Davidson Way. Third Street, Sherman Street and First Street would also be affected.

As for moving the municipal election, they are generally set by statute to occur on the second Tuesday of April. However, the election statutes allow the City Council to establish a different election date in June.

Forrester says there were comments on the number of voting precincts located within the city.

The council may establish a standalone June municipal election or may opt to create a joint election with the school district during the school board elections.

The general budgetary impact of shifting the April election to June will be nominal, however a jointly held and shared election may decrease election costs by sharing them between the school district and/or county.