Sturgis City Council receive financial report from the motorcycle rally

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – Sturgis City Manager Daniel Ainslie provided the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Financial Report at last night’s council meeting.

Ainslie says the net profit returned to the city this year was $1.1-million dollars.

Ainslie says vendor fees were also higher this year than in year’s past, and every year, more and more of what vendors pay is transferred to sanitation.

He says they were able to increase donations to charity this year by $103,000 and new efforts are helping to aid in increasing revenue.

Ainslie says the first year for the open container cup sales brought in $75,280.

Sturgis Rally Charities receives 50-percent of the net proceeds from the open container cup sales up to $75,000. That is per the contract the city has with Sturgis Rally Charities, which was approved for the next three years last night.

Also under the proposed contract, the city will continue to transfer 5% of the gross sponsorship revenue funds to Sturgis Rally Charities. Those are funds actually received by the City, from the sponsorship promotional activities of the Rally.

Last Monday night, the city handed out annual 2021 Rally Donation Checks to Sturgis Rally Charities and other non-profit organizations that receive money from the annual event.