Sturgis City Council reviewing the role of the City Manager

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – The city of Sturgis on Monday night heard the first report from a sub-committee set up earlier this year to review the office of the city manager.

The sub-committee is made up of one councilor from each ward and was brought following some citizen concerns on the amount of power the city manager had.

The sub-committee concluded that under state law and city ordinance the city council retains broad authority to define the duties and responsibilities of the city manager. It further concluded that revising those duties and responsibilities was within the council’s prerogative.

The sub-committee directed city attorney Mark Marshall to draft proposed revisions to Title 7 of the city ordinances and the city’s Policy and Procedures Manual. Title 7 defines city government.

Sturgis Council President Kevin Forrester.

Among revision topics for discussion for the council were public relations, media inquiries and social media policy and committee appointments.

Marshall says there is currently no consensus among members of the council as to who should make committee appointments. Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen.

Marshall says consideration of the essential issues discussed in the report will enhance the working relationship between the city council and the current manager. Moreover, he says consideration of these issues in an open forum enhances the relationship between the council and those whom the council represents.

No action was taken on the report last night, but Marshall says taking last night’s input give him some direction to come with up some possible future policies or ordinances.