Sturgis City Council rule on appeal on citation given to Sturgis Meat Service

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – The Sturgis City Council Monday night ruled on an appeal by Sturgis Meat Service following a citation issued to the company earlier this year for disposing of blood into the city’s sanitary sewer system.

According to city documents, city staff witnessed and observed alleged blood draining into the sanitary sewer, which is a violation of city ordinance. City staff say they videoed the incident as well. The violation was sent on to the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, who in turn, also sent a letter to Sturgis Meats.

Cindy Tolle, owner of Sturgis Meats, says the procedures at their facility do not violate any of the City Ordinances and the City of Sturgis has not informed them of a quantifiable measurement of blood they claim to have entered the wastewater system. She testified to the city council they have a USDA inspector on the floor at all times.

Tolle also disputed claims by city staff who said workers at the facility told them blood was being dumped down the drains – including one by the name of Blade. Tolle says she has a worker by that name, but has denied saying that.

After an executive session, the council denied Tolle’s appeal and found in favor of the citation. Tolle can appeal