Summer study on County Funding list some recommendations for next year’s legislature

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Wednesday, the summer study on county funding held their final meeting in Sioux Falls.  In the morning, the committee heard testimony from county commissioners from various counties including Brown County.

In the afternoon, the committee put out a list of recommendations for the legislature to consider for 2024.

The list include the following:

  • County Administration Fees for Property Taxes & TIF districts
  • State to pay for Veterans Service Officers & Emergency Managers
  • Court Appointed Attorney Cost with upper limit at $10,000
  • Alcohol Beverage Tax
  • Centralized Property Tax Database(Resolution)
  • Funding Support for Mental Health Holds
  • Grant for Consolidating County Courthouses
  • Appropriating Funding for Counties to Maintain County Roads
  • Cyber Security Cost Grant Program
  • Recovery Center Access Reimbursement Cost
  • State Health Insurance Plan

The summer study will file the report to the South Dakota Executive Board next month.