Summer study on Long Term Care held meeting Wednesday

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- The Study Committee on Sustainable Models for Long Term Care wrapped up it work Wednesday with a final meeting at the State Capitol in Pierre.  The group supports establishment of a healthcare workforce coalition.   Senator Erin Tobin of Winner says the topic of a healthcare workforce isn’t going away.

Representative Chris Karr says the legislature needs to be proactive on enhancing South Dakota’s healthcare workforce.

The Committee also got behind a proposal to enter compacts with select healthcare groups including psychologists and social workers.  Representative Linda Duba says South Dakota needs to support more compacts with neighboring states.

The group also supported an elderly waiver in long-term care for adult daycare in other facilities.  Duba says this proposal is a good opportunity to expand options.

A total of 22 proposals were brought before the group to decide which would move on for possible consideration as legislation or legislative initiatives this winter.  Of the 22, twelve gained support from the Committee.