Summit Carbon Solution are starting over with the counties

SIOUX FALLS, S.D(KELO)- Summit Carbon Solutions plans to come back with another plan for a carbon capture pipeline in South Dakota..

Summit’s Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Powell talks about company officials began meeting with county commissioners last week, and he says they’ll be back at it again.

Powell says it’s a big task, because the Summit pipeline passes through 82 counties in five states.

It’s week two of what you could call the “Mea Culpa” tour for Summit Carbon Solutions.

The company was denied a permit to build a carbon capture pipeline through South Dakota.

The main reason — they said they couldn’t build it because of restrictive pipeline ordinances passed in some counties.

Now, Powell says they’re starting all over.

The company appeared at the Brown County Commission last week.

Powell believes the company can work with Minnehaha and Moody county restrictions.

But, he says, it might be tougher in the northern part of the state.

Powell says the company is trying to connect with ethanol plants in those areas, and the plants are built close to population centers.

It’s back the drawing boards for Summit Carbon Solutions on plans to build a carbon capture pipeline in South Dakota.

And, it’s going to cost a lot of shoe leather.

The company is back before county commissions trying to learn what it will take to meet pipeline zoning ordinances.

Summit Chief Operating Officer Jimmy Powell says it’s going to be tricky in the Aberdeen area.

Powell says they’re back to a blank sheet of paper on their plans, but hope to start filling in the blanks soon.