Summit Carbon Solution will have hearing in Iowa this month

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(KELO)- South Dakota Landowners say it’s a huge “land grab” that has its roots in the Green New Deal.

The battle over two large carbon capture pipelines is building.

Both lines cross property owned by State Representative Karla Lems’ family.

She says there’s a lot of concern about the precedent that would be set in allowing the pipeline companies to have the power of eminent domain.

McPherson County landowner Mark Lapka says the problems have already begun with what he calls invasive surveying activities.

Surveying has begun for one of the lines.

McPherson County landowner Mark Lapka calls the surveying operations invasive…and that come as landowners are being served with eminent domain papers.

State Representative Jon Hansen of Dell Rapids says another question that should be asked is, “How did this happen?”

Landowners say the companies should not be given eminent domain powers…but so far they haven’t been able to stop it.

The landowners say eminent domain threatens their property rights.

Hearings on pipeline safety will be held later this month in Des Moines.