Summit Carbon Solutions provide update on CO2 pipeline

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- At Tuesday’s Brown County Commission, the commission received an update from Summit Carbon Solutions following the PUC’s denial of their pipeline request.

Project Manager Kylie Lange told the commission they plan to adjust their plans dealing with the commission.

Lange knows the way they approached the Commission & the landowners wasn’t good to begin with.

Despite Summit’s new commitment to better cooperate, Lange told them that now route is set for now.

Also commenting was Glacial Lake Energy CEO Jim Seurer.

Despite Summit’s commitment to be willing to work with the commission & landowners, this didn’t convince landowner Jared Bossly.

Lange was asked whether Summit would be willing to release plume studies going forward.

Landowner Ed Fischbach notified the commission that the eminent domain lawsuit against 160 landowner will be heard in October.

Commissioner Drew Dennert put a request for Summit to work with landowners to improve eminent domain laws at the South Dakota Legislature.

Commissioner Duane Sutton reminds Summit that the commission is allowed to set guidelines for the pipelines.

Lange told the commission that Summit does plan to resubmit their bid with the South Dakota PUC in the future.