Summit’s COO Jimmy Powell provides an update

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On KSDN’s Midday Report, the Chief Operating Officer for Summit Carbon Solutions, Jimmy Powell provided us an update on their pipeline request for both North & South Dakota.

Powell talks about what’s happening up in North Dakota.

Hearing could be heard with the ND PSC(Public Service Commission) as early as November.

South Dakota PUC(Public Utilities Commission) back in September turned down the request for the pipeline permits to both Summit & Navigator.  Powell talks the message delivered by the PUC.

Counties across South Dakota have different parameters for setback on their properties.  Powell was asked whether the setbacks should be identical across all counties.

Summit has now hit the reset button.   Powell talks about one of the goals is to have better relations with landowners going forward.

Powell mentions that even if pipelines are in place, that farmers can use the land above it.

Powell talks about inspections that will need to be done once the pipelines are built.

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