Sutton Leadership Institute accepting applications

BURKE, S.D. (Press Release) – The Billie Sutton Leadership Institute announced today that fellowship applications for a second class of leaders are officially open.

Last spring, Billie Sutton, former state senator and 2018 candidate for governor of South Dakota, launched the non-partisan Sutton Leadership Institute dedicated to inspiring and preparing the next generation of leaders to build a stronger South Dakota and more vibrant communities and workplaces through service to others.

Since launching last year, the Sutton Leadership Institute has trained and mentored a group of 13 talented next-generation leaders from across the state who have given back to their communities through public service projects.

Seeking applicants for a second class of Sutton Leaders, Founder Billie Sutton said:

“The Sutton Leadership Institute is designed to harness the talent of passionate and dedicated leaders in South Dakota and provide them opportunities to grow as they help their communities thrive. The first class of Sutton Leaders have already made a tremendous impact on South Dakota that will continue on in the years ahead. We are excited to welcome a second class that will undoubtedly accomplish big things for South Dakota!”

Applications are open now until the Friday, May 1, 2020 deadline.

Individuals interested in participating in the leadership program should apply online at