Tele-medicine focus on latest summer study on Long Term Care

PIERRE, S.D.(KJJQ)- Tele-medicine support for nursing homes and home care takes center stage for The Study Committee on Sustainable Models for Long Term Care.

That legislative committee met Monday in Pierre.

Mark Johnston is Business Development Director with Avel eCare in Sioux Falls. He says they currently support patients in long term care facilities.

Dr. Vicki Walker, Medical Director for Senior Care with Avel eCare, says they provide hi-tech video interactive care in nursing homes but also provide home care via telephone.

She says about 96-percent of the cases they deal with in nursing homes can be handled on-site. Walker says they’re currently in about one-fourth of the state’s nursing homes.

She says the factor keeping them out of more nursing homes is the cost of the service.

The long-term care committee is also looking at workforce, location, infrastructure and regulations.