The city of Pierre has seen increase in burglaries

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- Pierre Police Department investigators are seeing a significant increase in burglaries from cars, shed, garages and homes.  Detective Sergeant Dusty Pelle says all of the thefts have common theme.

Pelle says the simple step of locking doors, even cars in garages will go a long way in cutting the number of burglaries.

Detective Kaitlin Cummings and Pelle say the burglaries are crimes of convenience and that simply locking up possessions will get criminals to move on.

Cummings says the burglary reports are coming from all parts of Pierre…

One of the burglary cases even involved a Pierre area law enforcement officer having items stolen.  Investigators believe some, but not all of the reports are connected to a single suspect.  Cummings says if you believe you’ve been a victim try not to disturb the scene so that any evidence can be preserved.  Detectives encourage anyone who believes they may be a burglary victim to contact Pierre police.