The Coteau Shopper discontinues after over 40 years

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- The Coteau Shopper, a free weekly publication and primary print advertising product of the Watertown Public Opinion, has been discontinued by Gannett, the corporate owner of the PO.

The last edition of the Shopper was distributed last month.

The Shopper, known as a TMC product – meaning “total market coverage” – allowed advertisers to reach everybody in the Public Opinion area, not just those who subscribe to the daily paper. It was filled with advertising, including flyers for local businesses, classified ads, and some editorial copy…

The Shopper began as an independent publication by David and Brenda Solberg and Dennis and Kay Solberg in 1978. In 1998, the Shopper was purchased by Public Opinion. David and Brenda Solberg continued producing the Shopper for the Public Opinion until their retirement in 2017.

David Solberg told KXLG News that he was sorry to see the product he and his partners worked on for nearly 40 years end. Still, he was also concerned that local businesses are seeing their print advertising options crumble under Gannett’s watch.

Solberg said they started the Coteau Shopper when the Watertown Mall opened to give businesses another way to reach customers. They started from the bottom, eventually building a financially strong publication with a circulation of about 21,000.