Thursday #SDpreps Scoreboard (5/16/24) [T&F, tennis & golf]



Boys Tennis

State AA Tennis Tournament w/ Aberdeen Central; Rapid City, SD [Day 1 of 2]

TEAM RESULTS: [out of 14 teams]

1st) SF Lincoln (360)

2nd) O’Gorman (316)

3rd) SF Washington (269)

4th) Harrisburg (239)

5th) Yankton (204)

10th) Aberdeen Central (49.5)


Aberdeen Central notes:

Flight 1 singles: AJ Prehn (1-1). Def. Braylon Peters (Brookings) [10-6]. Competing for consolation championship on FRI.

Flight 2 singles: Mason Ligon (1-1). Def. Luke Jerke (Mitchell) [6-3, 7-6 (4)]. Will be in 5th place semis on FRI.

Flight 3 singles: Dawson Pederson (0-1) had second round BYE. Will compete for consolation title on FRI.

Flight 4 singles: Aric Tennant (1-1). Def. Kieran Furhmann (RCC) in consolation bracket & will face Joey Meester (Watertown) in consolation semis on FRI.

Flight 5 singles: Mika Dannen (1-1). Def Peyton Taylor (RCC) [10-9]. & will be in consolation semis on FRI.

Flight 6 singles: Gannon Pederson (0-2).


Flight 1 doubles: AJ Prehn/Mason Ligon (2-1). Will face RCS for consolation title on FRI.

Flight 2 doubles: Tennant/Dannen (0-2) [lost in opener, 2nd round bye + loss).

Flight 3 doubles: Pederson/Anderson (1-2) [lost in opender, def. SFR (10-2) & L to SF Jefferson [10-4].



Brookings Invitation w/ Aberdeen Central; GGID: 2024BHS

TEAM RESULTS: [out of 13 teams]

1st) Mitchell (+17)

2nd) Watertown (+26)

3rd) Aberdeen Central (+34)

4th) Brookings (+61)

5th) Yankton (+63)



1st) Allison Meyerink (Mitchell) [-1, 71]

2nd) Emma Dohrer (Aberdeen Central) [+2, 74]

T-2nd) Erin Huron (O’Gorman) [+2, 74]

T2nd) Shelby Pearson (Watertown) [+2, 74]

5th) Maddie Childs (Mitchell) [+3, 75]


Sisseton Invite w/ Aberdeen Roncalli, Groton Area, Milbank, Sisseton


1st) Madison (+109)

2nd) Aberdeen Roncalli (+119)

3rd) Groton Area (+162)

4th) Milbank Area (+208)



1st) Claire Crawford (Aberdeen Roncalli) [+16, 88)

2nd) Delilah Maxwell (Madison) [+22, 94]

3rd) Maddie Rummel (Madison) [+27, 99]

4th) Carly Guthmiller (Groton) [+28, 100]

5th) Hayden Oftedal (Madison) [+30, 102]

7th) Morgan Helms (Aberdeen Roncalli) [+31, 103]



Aberdeen Central   3

Brandon Valley      13


Sioux Valley   17

Sisseton            2


Florence/H   14

Milbank           3



Webster Area Invite w/ Aberdeen Roncalli, Frederick, Groton, Langford, Miller, Redfield, Sisseton, Waubay/Summit, Waverly-SS, Webster Area & Wilmot

Full results found HERE:


– Paytyn Marlow (Langford) won the 100m run.

– McKenna Tietz (Groton Area) won the 200m run + 300m hurdles.

– Taryn Traphagen (Groton Area) won the 400m run.

– Addisyn Heinrich (Warner) won the 800m run.

– Alyvia Geffre (Tri-State) 1600m run.

– Noa Sancho (Redfield) 3200m run.

– Addison Heinje (Wilmot) won the 100m hurdles.

– Chloe Langager (Sisseton) won the shot put.

– Shali Laurence (Tri-State) won the discus.

– Sidney Johnson (Sisseton) Won the javelin.

– Sofia Losure (Frederick) won the high jump.

– Kenley Grewe (Webster Area) won the pole vault.

– Chloe Mammenga (Webster Area) won the long jump.

– Emmalee Nielsen (Sisseton) won the triple jump.




– Owen Wood (Tri-State) won the 100m run.

– Gavin Witt (Webster Area) won the 200m run.

– Gavin Nickelson (Frederick Area) won the 400m run.

– Kaleb Foltz (Tri-State) won the 800m run.

– Ryder Graff (Sisseton) won the 1600m run.

– Jayven Maag (Waubay/Summit) won the 3200m run.

– Parker Grieben (Aberdeen Roncalli) won the 110m hurdles.

– Jeron McCreary (Webster Area) won the 300m hurdles.

– Matthew Mount (Webster Area) won the shot put + discus & javelin.

– Kolby Haubris (Wilmot) won the high jump.

– Beau Price (Aberdeen Roncalli) won the pole vault.

– Brayden Sumption (Frederick Area) won the long jump.

– Cody Thompson (Waverly-SS) won the triple jump.


Super Region Meet (Hosted by PC) Aberdeen Christian, Faulkton, Herreid/SA, High-Harr, Hitch-Tulare, Ipswich, JVC, Leola, Miller, North Central, Potter County, Sully Buttes + SBA

Full results:

GIRLS TEAM RESULTS: [out of 17 teams]

1st) Ipswich (110)

– Sophia Knittel won the 200m run.

– Madisyn Gellhaus won the 1600m run.

– Jalyssa Hutson won the pole vault.

2nd) JVC (104)

– Andee Frandsen won the 800m run + 100m hurdles.

– Hadasah Olson won the 3200m run.

– Maggie Decker won the shot put.

3rd) Potter County (98)

– Emma Schlachter won the 400m run.

– Kayden Cronin won the triple jump.

4th) Herreid/SA (72)

– Breanna Jochim won the 100m run.

– Mya Ebel won the discus.

5th) Lemmon (65.5)

6th) Faulkton Area (61)

– Savanna Hayes won the javelin.

7th) North Central (53.5)

8th) Timber Lake (49)

9th) SBA (40)

10th) Hitch-Tulare (39)

– Emma Schneider won the long jump.


BOYS TEAM RESULTS: [out of 18 teams]

1st) Ipswich (131)

– Kyle Hettich won the 100m & 200m runs.

– Rasmus Loken won the 110m hurdles + pole vault.

– Trevor Heinz won the long jump.

2nd) Timber Lake (85.5)

3rd) North Central (76)

4th) JVC (73)

– Kaden Ober won the 3200m run.

5th) Potter County (68.5)

– Nicholas Schlachter won the 800m & 1600m runs.

6th) Lemmon (48)

7th) Hitch-Tulare (46.5)

8th) SBA (42)

9th) Faulkton Area (36)

– Spencer Melius won the javelin.

10th) Leola (33)

– Dustin Wurtz won the shot put & discus.


Wendelgass Relays w/ Aberdeen Central

Full results:


– Savana Arampatzis 4th in the 100m run.

– Gracie Rife WON the 200m run.

– Lauren Joosten 6th in the 400m run.

– Juna Ramey 4th & Angie Lopez 5th in the 800m run.

– Juna Ramey WON the 1600m run.

– Mya Arampatzis WON the 100m & 300m hurdles + Ciara Frank in 2nd.

– Keyana Stillman, Lucy Fritz, Kamdyn Borge & Gracie Rife WON the 4×100 relay.

– Keyana Stillman, Ciara Frank, Madison Hochstetter & Gracie Rife WON the 4×200 relay.

– Eme Mounga, Lauren Joosten, Kenadi Withers + McKenzie Jorgensen 2nd in 4×400 relay.

– Taryn Nieman 8th in the shot put + 2nd in the discus.

– Madison Hochstetter 2nd in the high jump.

– Breckan Santjer 2nd in the pole vault.

– Ciara Frank WON the long jump.

– Lucy Fritz 4th in the tirple jump.



– Avery Ligon T-2nd in the 100m run.

– David VanVeen 7th in the 800m run + WON the 1600m run.

– Carson Urlacher 3rd in the 3200m run.

– Kyson Fayant WON the 110m hurdles + 300m hurdles.

– Kalen Larson, Avery Ligon, Eli Biegler + Karson Borge 2nd in the 4×100 relay.

– Kalen Larson, Avery Ligon, Eli Biegler + Karson Borge WON the 4×200 relay.

– Eli Biegler, Kyson Fayant, Brendan Phillips & Colby Dauwen WON the 4×400 relay.

– Philipp Abel, Max Nelson, Alex Ottenbacher, Rylan Johnson WON the 4×800 relay.

– Felipe Gonzalez 3rd in the shot put.

– Jack Bertsch 2nd in the discus.

– Jett Carlson WON the javelin.

– Tyler Bain WON the high jump.


Flandreau Last Chance Meet w/ Clark/WL, Florence/H, Hamlin, GPL [and more]

Full results HERE:


1st) Clark/WL (146)

2nd) Sioux Valley (132.5)

3rd) Flandreau (127)

4th) Deuel (120)

5th) GPL (107)

6th) Florence/Henry (49.5)

7th) Hamlin (49)



1st) Sioux Valley (163)

2nd) Hamlin (124)

– Zac VanMeeteren won the 100m, 200m + 400m run(s).

3rd) GPL (121)

4th) Deuel (118.6)

5th) Flandreau (117.3)

6th) Clark/WL (64)

7th) Florence/Henry (35)




NCAA DII National Tournament

MSU-Mankato       10

Central Missouri  12


Augustana Univ.       4

Central Oklahoma   3