Toby Doeden discuss Dakota First Action PAC

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Earlier this year Toby Doeden announced an exploratory committee to talk about a potential run for the U.S. House challenging Congressman Dusty Johnson.

Doeden talks about his motivation to get involved in politics after sitting on the sidelines all these years.

Doeden in the end elected not to run & explains why.

What this did leading to Dakota First Action PAC.  Doeden discuss the purpose of it.

At Monday’s Candidate Forum, candidates were asked about being a Republican in South Dakota in 2024.  I asked Toby Doeden to give his definition of that.

Doeden talks about how the committee determined the issues to decide who they would endorse for the primaries.

Doeden explains the process that was used to decide on candidates.

One of candidates endrosed is the former President Donald Trump.  I asked Toby if a candidate needs to be a full supporter of him.

Doeden admitted that he had not really followed politics in the past.  The question is how credible this PAC should be.  Here’s his response.

Doeden talks about what the goals are Dakota First Action.

You can listen the interview on  He lists the candidates the PAC has endorsed so far in the region & why.