Tuesday High School Sports Scoreboard for 04/02/19


Bob Judson Invite in Pierre


1st – Ab Central, 195

2nd – Pierre, 131

3rd – Sully Buttes, 38

4th – Potter Co

Top 3 Regional Team Finishes…

AC – 3200m relay (1st & 3rd), 1600m relay (1st & 3rd), 400m relay (1st & 3rd), 800m relay (1st), 1600m sprint medley relay (1st), Jordan Hermansen (1st in 1600m & 1st in 800m), Abby Kopecky (1st in 300m hurdles & 2nd in 100m), Aby Lang (1st in 400m & 2nd in PV), Taryn Hettich (1st in 200m & 2nd in LJ), Makenna Glanzer (1st in 100m hurdles & 3rd in PV), Melanie Jacobs (1st in 3200m), Brianna Altmaier (1st in 100m), Brooke Malsom (1st in LJ), Zoe Douglas (2nd in 3200m), Trinity Miller (2nd in 1600m), Hannah Struble (2nd in 300m hurdles), Alli Joerger (2nd in TJ), Maria Martens (3rd in TJ), Grace Thompson (3rd in 3200m), McKenzie Sandquist (3rd in discus)

Sully Buttes – Brooklyn Bradford (2nd in 200m & 3rd in 100m), Angela Guthmiller (2nd in discus & 3rd in SP), Lauren Wittler (2nd in SP), Stevie Wittler (3rd in 100m hurdles), 800m relay (3rd)

Potter Co – Emilie Larson (3rd in 1600m), Dakota Goebel (3rd in 800m)



1st – Ab Central, 200

2nd – Pierre, 112

3rd – Potter Co, 28

5th – Sully Buttes

Top 3 Regional Team Finishes…

AC – 3200m relay (1st & 3rd), 400m relay (1st & 3rd), 800m relay (1st), 1600m sprint medley relay (1st), Aaron Ryan (1st in 1600m & 1st in 800m), Chris Weber (1st in 100m & 2nd in 200m), Sam Rohlfs (1st in TJ & 2nd in 100m), Jaden Bohms-Buechler (1st in 110m hurdles & 3rd in 300m hurdles), Avery Bad Moccasin (1st in 300m hurdles), Will Jarrott (1st in PV), Nick Olson (1st in discus), Jared Loecker (2nd in 1600m), Jake Hilsendeger (3rd in 100m), Josh Martin (2nd in 800m & 3rd in 1600m), Seth Martens (2nd in LJ & 3rd in 400m), 1600m relay (2nd), Makhi Jones (2nd in HJ), Jacob Merxbauer (2nd in TJ), Sam Calvert (3rd in 800m), Josh Mehlhoff (3rd in 3200m), Carter Hogg (3rd in LJ)

Potter Co – Dawson Simon (1st in 200m & 1st in 400m), Connor Kaup (2nd in PV), 1600m sprint medley relay (3rd)

Sully Buttes – Jett Lamb (2nd in SP & 3rd in discus), 800m relay (3rd)


Ipswich Invite – PPD


Boys Tennis

Harrisburg double-dual

Ab Central  7-2


AC wins by Nic Allen (10-4), Alex Tennant (10-7), Ian Ahlberg (10-2), Zach Gonsor (10-7), Lincoln Wilkinson (10-8), Allen & Tennant (10-6), and Wilkinson & Tristen Lickfelt (10-6)


Ab Central  6-3

SF Christian

AC wins by Allen (11-9), Lickfelt (7-4 tiebreak), Gonsor (10-2), Wilkinson (10-6), Allen & Tennant (10-6), and Gonsor & Henry Fouberg (11-9)


Ab Roncalli

Harrisburg  6-3

AR wins by Joseph Goetz (10-3), Michael Garofalo (10-0), and Garofalo/Gray Imbery (11-9).


Ab Roncalli

SF Christian 6-3

AR wins by Goetz (10-4), Imbery (10-1), and Garofalo/Imbery (10-5).