Two arrested after high speed chase near Rapid Valley

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KBHB) — Police responding to a report of drug activity touched off a brief high speed chase and the arrest of two people Sunday afternoon near Rapid Valley.

An officer was called to the Fresh Start on East Highway 44 in the noon hour Sunday, on the report of drug activity.  An employee said they saw a hypodermic syringe on the ground near the drivers door of a car in their parking lot.   The car attempted to leave, stopped, then sped away as the officer approached them.

The officer grabbed the hypodermic and then spotted the car a short distance away, near Twilight Drive turning onto Highway 44 heading east.  He caught the vehicle past the 161st Avenue corner, and used a “tactical vehicle” spin maneuver to stop the car.

Arrested were the driver, 23-year-old Wendy Johnson of Rapid City, and 34-year-old Evan Brownbull of Rapid City.  Both had active warrants, and police collected a number of drug related items they tossed from their car windows as they fled.   The items found by police included a handgun and ammunition.