U.S. Army Corp of Engineers predicts lower runoff of the Missouri River

OMAHA, N.E.(KCCR)- The U-S Army Corps of Engineers has adjusted their annual runoff forecast for the Missouri River downward as runoff or the lack thereof remains.  The Corps held their third update on runoff into the river Thursday.  Doug Klock with the National Weather Service says the lack of winter precipitation has failed to recharge soil moisture.

Ryan Larson with the Corps in Omaha says forecasted runoff is down from February.

Mike Swenson, also with the Corps of Engineers, says system storage is currently at 48-point-one million acre feet.

Doug Kluck, Central Region Climate Service Director for the National Weather Service, said soil moisture is below normal across the entire basin.\

Kluck says temperatures from March through May will average above normal.

Kluck says there is concern about growing dry conditions creeping across the region.

The update also said that mountain snowpack, that feeds into the basin, is about eighty percent of normal.

The Corps of Engineers will not have an April call, but will instead have in-person meetings for updates along the river.