U.S. House Commerce & Energy Committee hear testimony about AM Radio in cars

WASHINGTON, D.C.(KCCR)- The House Commerce and Energy Committee held hearings in Washington, D.C. Tuesday on Preserving American’s Access to AM Radio.  The hearing is for the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act working through Congress.  Justin Ahasteen, Executive Director of the Navajo Nation says A-M radio is critical for relaying emergency information in Native languages.

Midway Broadcasting Corporation Chair Melody Spann-Cooper was asked by Congresswoman Cathy Rogers of Washington about the impact of eliminating A-M radios from vehicles.

John Bozzella with the Alliance for Automotive Innovation told the Committee access to A-M could still be maintained.

The automotive industry has been pushing to remove A-M radios from new vehicles specifically electric vehicles due to the vehicle’s interference with A-M signals.