U.S. Senate Candidate Brian Bengs reflects back on his campaign

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Former U.S. Senate candidate Brian Bengs reflects on his campaign against the incumbent Senator John Thune & Libertarian candidate Tamara Lesnar.

This was the first political campaign Bengs has done and as it turned out he was not quite as prepared as he thought he would be.

Bengs talked about his travels across the state during the course of the campaign.

According to the Gallup poll in October, only 20% approved what Congress has done while 75% disapprove, yet this election will see very little changes.  Republicans will likely take over the House barely, meanwhile the Senate will see only one incumbent(Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski(R)) lost, and we’ll see what happens in Nevada & Georgia.  Bengs complains how money has driven politics across the state & the nation.

Bengs has been registered as Independent and wanted to run for the Senate as an Independent but was prevented by South Dakota Law.

Bengs believes that law is not constitutional.

After the election, Bengs talks about his future whether he would stay as a Democrat or switch back to Independent.

Bengs closing comments deal with the issue of money in politics.

Senator John Thune won 70% of the vote in Tuesday’s election compared to Brian Bengs’ 26% and Tamara Lesnar had 4%.