US Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry Committee approve Tom Vilsack for Secretary of Agriculture

WASHINGTON, D.C.(Dakota Radio Group)- The US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry has approved President Joe Biden’s nomination of Tom Vilsack to return to the helm of USDA as Secretary of Agriculture.

Ahead of the approval, committee member and South Dakota Senator John Thune questioned Tom Vilsack on a variety of topics, including Country of Origin Labeling.

Vilsack also said he’d look into all options for strengthening the cattle market.

Vilsack wants to expand meat processing options.

Vilsack’s nomination now awaits consideration by the full Senate. If confirmed, Vilsack will be head of the US Department of Agriculture for the second time. He served as secretary all eight years of the Obama administration.

American Soybean Association president Kevin Scott from South Dakota commented, “We recognize the experience Vilsack brings to the role, having served as agriculture secretary eight years during the Obama administration and also as a former governor of Iowa, a significant soy and agriculture state.”