Voters in Chamberlain to decide on upgrades to athletic facilities & for a new school

CHAMBERLAIN, S.D.(KMIT)- Chamberlain voters today will decide on a $5.5 million bond issue after inflation caused the cost of a new elementary school and upgrades to athletic facilities to skyrocket.

The initial total cost was around $27 million.  The district had saved money and planned to use funding from several sources, some which were COVID relief funds which have a time limit.

Inflation caused the cost to go up around 25 percent to just under $35 million.

A groundbreaking for the elementary school was held last week, and plans are to proceed even if some of the upgrades, including a new gymnasium, have to wait.

The impact on taxpayers would be $3.33 per month per $100,000 assessed value for residential land and 40 cents per acre per year for $1,000 assessed value for ag land.

The bond issue needs 60 percent approval from voters to pass.