Voters in Meade County rejects putting more medical marijuana locations inside the county

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – Voters in Meade County Tuesday rejected having the county offer more medical marijuana dispensary licenses.

Unofficial numbers released Tuesday night show 1,426 no votes and 719 yes votes. A no vote means the current county ordinance remains the same – only one medical marijuana dispensary license is available and it has already been issued.

The county’s ordinance was sent to a public vote by those wanting the county to offer up to 3 medical marijuana dispensary licenses as well as up to three licenses for cultivation facilities, cannabis testing facilities and product manufacturing facilities.

A second issue on the ballot Tuesday involved those who are part of the Rural Meade Ambulance District.

Those who pay into the district voted 190 to 127 to allow landowners in a portion of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Campground to join the district.

The Sturgis Ambulance Service serves the district and those who participate pay a tax to help fund it.