VP of National Farmers Union Jeff Kippley address upcoming Farm Bill & CO2 pipeline debate

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  The Vice President of National Farmers Union & Aberdeen, S.D. resident Jeff Kippley appeared on KSDN Midday Report to address a couple of different issues.

On the issue of CO2 pipeline, Kippley reacted to how the South Dakota PUC denied pipeline request for both Navigator & Summit Carbon Solutions.

Kippley address the take of the National Farmers Union with regards to the issue of eminent domain vs property rights.

Kippley was among a group of people that last week spent time in Washington, D.C. addressing the latest on the upcoming Farm Bill.  He talks about his concerns that there will be a delay on the passage of the Farm Bill.

Kippley express the views of the National Farmers Union with regards to the Farm Bill.

Another issue Kippley hopes will be included in the next Farm Bill is country-of-origin labeling.

One thing the Farmers Union doesn’t support is any cuts to the USDA programs.