Water levels start to recede, still over full at Lake Poinsett


LAKE POINSETT, S.D. (KXLG) – Water levels have begun to recede at Lake Poinsett in eastern South Dakota, however lake levels remain more than six foot over full this week. Hamlin County Emergency Management Director Dave Schaefer says the lake level has gone down about four inches, but that new rains near an inch on Wednesday will add to the length of time it will take for the lake to improve.

He says water crossing over highway 81 to the north of Lake Poinsett has receded, however it’s still covering the highway near Pier 81 to the South.

Schaefer says the lake can’t stop going up until it starts going down.

The city of Watertown released the balance of their filled sandbags this week and shipped them off to Lake Poinsett where property owners are still working to protect shoreline and buildings.