Watertown City Council address improvements at their wastewater treatment facility

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- The City Council made two significant approvals at Monday night’s meeting for the Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements project nearing $62 million, which Watertown Mayor Ried Holien says was a well-vetted out process and “justified.”

The project’s first agenda was to approve a $607,126 professional services agreement with TEGRA Group Inc. for Owner’s Representative Services.

Watertown’s Assistant City Manager/Public Works Director Heath VonEye talks more in-depth.

The CMAR (Construction Manager at Risk) project delivery method facilitated Tegra’s involvement during the design phase. Rice Lake was the construction manager at risk, and HDR Engineering was the design professional.

Though costly, the Public Works Director assured the council that Tegra’s services provide oversight and detail in tracking project progress and managing subcontractor agreements that the city staff cannot match. The supplement will extend Tegra’s services through the construction phase, which is projected to last until 2027.

Mayor Holien asked if representatives from Tegra wanted to comment, and one from the crowd said, “We love to have another project!” A roll call vote confirmed the motion’s passage, marking a decisive step forward for the city’s largest infrastructure project.

The next agenda item was the actual approval of some significant funds.

Director VonEye explains this process.

Mayor Holien asks the public if this is the first you’ve heard of this project and its large amount of funds.

Director VonEye took a moment to thank multiple staff members who worked on the project up to this point.

With the council’s unanimous vote, the project is set to advance, with completion expected by 2027. This initiative is said to represent a significant investment in Watertown’s infrastructure and a commitment to enhancing the city’s wastewater treatment capabilities for years to come.