Watertown City Council discuss C-L Commercial Lake Districts ordinances

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- Watertown City Council made what most of the Council agreed was progress at Monday night’s meeting when they approved C-L Commercial Lake District revised ordinances and definitions of “Title 21 Zoning” and a Zoning Text Amendment to Campgrounds.

Mayor Ried Holien first prefaced the public and Councilmembers on how they would be combining all three separate agenda items in one discussion.

Mayor Holien announced a special meeting.

Mayor Holien said this “big deep dive” will more than likely be in November, but definitely before Christmas.

Public Works Director/City Engineer Heath VonEye states that “anything can be built there,” referring to what is available to construct.

As the Council transitioned to more of the revised ordinances and definitions, a familiar voice was heard when former Councilman/Deputy Mayor and recently announced S.D. Senator candidate Glen Vilhauer said he likes where the conversation is going.

Other Lake Kampeska residents spoke as they have in the past meetings, including Director Doug Modica, a neighbor of a rezoning request and on the Lake Kampeska Water Project District.

Director VonEye confirmed that the jurisdiction falls with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Councilman Bruce Buhler proposed some changes.

Mayor Holien mentions one of the biggest concerns has been apartment complexes, and voting yes is some progress.

Councilman Lynn Jurrens questioned if these changes are enough of a guardrail for future developments, including campgrounds, saying the residents have said there are enough campgrounds around the lake. He also references tiny homes as part of the forthcoming discussion and why he will vote No.

Councilman Kyle Peters comments on his upcoming vote.

Councilman Randy Tupper says the Council has taken pretty large steps.

Councilman Jurrens said, “I’m with Randy” on taking large steps, and residents don’t want another “Lake Okoboji.”

The Council approved all three items, but Councilman Jurrens voted no on the C-L Commercial Lake District revised ordinance.