Watertown City Council looking into their Parks & Recreation Board

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- During their work session, a secondary discussion item for the City Council involved the Parks and Recreation Board ordinance.

City Manager Amanda Mack explains some background.

Mayor Ried Holien elaborated on his thoughts on digging further into the boards.

Councilman Paulsen asked whether they operate under a budget and if it is the way it should be or if the Council should have the final vote.

City Manager Mack stated, “I am of the opinion that ultimately decisions that are made within the City should be made by those elected to make them.”

Mayor Holien elaborates on some additional reasons why they are looking at this.

Councilman Vilhauer is the liaison to the Airport Board and said that is the kind of board he would like to see the Parks and Recreation Board be. Mayor Holien stated, “They do not think the board is doing a bad job, and they support them; they are doing a good job and have some very dedicated members.”

Council Danforth feels they should include the board more in budget and project discussions. Danforth then wanted on record what this discussion is not.