Watertown City Council react to criticism from a Watertown resident

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- Councilman Randy Tupper propelled a discussion during the “Old Business” portion of the Council meeting by commenting on an editorial article recently published by Watertown resident Brad Johnson in the Public Opinion Newspaper.

Tupper highlighted an issue he had with the article.

Tupper references Johnson was on the City Council previously and is familiar with how the processes work.

Councilman Glen Vilhauer said he’d “dovetail on what Councilman Tupper said.

City Attorney Lisa Carrico commented to give some legal clarity.

Mayor Ried Holien commented on living in Watertown.

Councilman Bruce Buhler said he’ll “jump on the bandwagon.”

Councilman Mike Danforth.

Mayor Holien says if anyone wants to engage in a dialogue on social media or if anyone reaches out for further communication, they will not be turned down.